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READ!!!! WATCH MY GRANADO MIX: http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=YMdFGt4AYJU WATCH MY FOURTH GUN MIX: http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=xg04v0mvN6s This is my third mix that's purely made from Call of Duty4: Modern Warfare sound effects, and know that ALL and EVERY SINGLE SOUND used in this track is from Call of Duty 4: MW, some you might not recognize. Again, there's no video for this so sorry. This track might sound a little repeadative but I rushed this one (keep in mind that I use the Free Trial of FL Studio so I cannot save my progress if I want to quit). As always, download link for the track ONLY is at the bottom. *Earphones will help you hear things much better *YouTube ruined the sound quality so don't mind it If you want to hear it in BETTER quality, feel free to download it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?mpfjcxyiiym (PS: it's in .rar so you're guna need an archiver to open!!!) (PPS: IF you want to do anything like use this track in a video or something, please pm me before doing so) Sound Effects Used: -3rd-Person 50cal Shot -Abrams (tank) Shot & Tail -Car Explosion 2 -Option Chose Blip -Challenge Complete -G36c -Stage-Begin Whoosh -Grenade Launcher 1 -Grenade Launcher 2 -M4 Shot -M4 Silenced Shot -M14 Shot -M1014 Shot (shotgun) -Mp5 Silenced Shot -P90 Shot -USP Shot -USP Silenced Shot -W1200 Shot (shotgun) -3rd-Person R700 Shot -C4 Safety Lock -Flak Cannon Shot -MG42 Loop -GRANADO!!!! ~~~WINNERS~~~ 1-ranger323232 2-FatChubbyGamer 3-glerink 4-xTirppa 5-natebrade 6-H8ERZWANNBME 7-JohannGasmask 8-david2222121 9-ender2win 10-kirinblade925 11-XSniprX 12-18steve13 13-jeff81192 14-BlindSkull67 15-BenRees08 16-me112524 17-raspberrytwist 18-zenne911 19-str4tegix 20-a1rs0ftman 21-carmagedan1 22-xKyleDawgx 23-OMR2006 24-funny0vidoes 25-gtataje 26-McKlintock951 27-kiffy254 28-texas1108 29-BombDragon1 30-deadlyshott 31-psychopath4life 32-YouNolf 33-hoecard69 34-aleksanderooo 35-mikesslob 36-forthehellofit00 37-badarbiter 38-burrows44 39-BobUy00 40-tljjjr99 41-teranceha 42-pepsicola510 43-crazyNirvana 44-Murderangel666 45-jimbarino1 46-speedytrixspeed 47-killingmyshadow93 48-guitarlord2012 49-Nova45 50-1000rave *Will not be taking any more than 50 winners*
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