Europa Universalis Rome-TRAILER 1

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eDome - http://www.edome.net Europa Universalis Rome first trailer http://plaza.fi/edome/artikkelit/pelit/europa-universalis-rome http://plaza.fi/edome/uutiset/europa-universalis-3-laajenee-1400-luku-tutuksi http://plaza.fi/edome/artikkelit/pelit/lost-empire-immortals-uusi-haaste-galaktisille-valloittajille http://plaza.fi/edome/artikkelit/pelit/penumbra-black-plague-frictional-games-tekee-erilaista-kauhuseikkailua http://plaza.fi/edome/arvostelut/europa-universalis-iii http://plaza.fi/edome/uutiset/bionic-commando-retrosankarin-paluu-videokoosteena http://plaza.fi/edome/uutiset/bionic-commando-palaa-historian-lehdilta-parrasvaloihin http://plaza.fi/edome/pelit/sims/ http://plaza.fi/edome/arvostelut/the-sims-selviytymistarinat http://plaza.fi/edome/arvostelut/sims-2-autiosaari Paradox Interactive is pleased to release the first official trailer for their next Grand Strategy title Europa Universalis Rome. The much-anticipated release within the critically acclaimed Europa Universalis series is scheduled for release in mid April 2008. The trailer shows how to: - Trade resources in your country and negotiate with your neighbours to get access to more resources - Select your ideas and research new ones - Build more buildings and watch your cities grow - Invoke Omens, hoping that the gods are smiling upon you - Study your characters family tree and see who are your friends and rivals - Watch your characters develop new traits as time passes - Wage war over land and seas. eDome - http://www.edome.net