Assassin's Creed - Top 10 Kills

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BEFORE WATCHING PLEASE READ: I highly recommend you watch Assassin's Creed Top 10 Kills (version 2) instead of this one! It has countless improvements and is much more enjoyable! Check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Exxb9Ys6hn4 My Top 10 favourite kills in Assassin's Creed. Everything from throwing people into things and off of cliffs to getting kicked in the nuts. It's all here. If the text goes by a little quick, be sure to watch it twice! But just in case, here's a list of my Top 10! #10 Weapon: No Weapon Move: Throwing Why? It's fun. Enough said. #9 Weapon: Sword Move: Stab in the Stomach Why? Despite being a common counter, it never gets old. #8 Weapon: Dagger Move: Slitting the Throat Why? Well... Why not? #7 Weapon: Hidden Blade Move: Stab to the Chest Why? He just got stabbed in the chest! Watch the blood fly! #6 Weapon: Dagger Move: Chest Stabs Why? Just watch the slow-mo. It's amazingly simple and well... Amazing! #5 Weapon: Hidden Blade Move: Chest Stab and Punch Why? In case the stab in the chest doesn't kill him, just punch him in the face to finish him. #4 Weapon: Dagger Move: Neck Stab Why? A dagger through one side of your neck is bad enough, but a dagger through both sides... #3 Weapon: Hidden Blade Move: Stomach and Skull Stab Why? It's quick, deadly and fun to watch. How much better can it get? #2 Weapon: Sword Move: Kicked in the Nuts Why? He just got kicked in the nuts. That alone does the damage. #1 Weapon: All Weapons Move: The Leg Breaker Why? It's unnatural. His leg bends backwards and you can hear the bones break. Many people ask how to do #1, so here it is. You have to counter a slow (strong) attack from an enemy and then there is a brief moment where he just stands there. You can choose to: a) finish him with your sword by pressing the attack button b) break his legs by doing the leg button (A for Xbox, X for PS3, Spacebar for PC) c) throw him by using the hand button d) let him fall (do nothing) Of course, make sure you do B. Once you get used to it, it gets pretty easy. Hardest part is making them do a slow, strong attack. Have any suggestions for future movies? Then be sure to leave a comment. You may be asking yourself, what is the best comment I have ever received? Well it's this! From fenderguitarwah: "FUCK U THIS IS FROM MACHINIMA! " He must have not realized that I am part Machinima... -Mr_Nickle
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