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TO ANY NOOBS, CLICK MORE FOR TUT Here are some glitches that still work after the April 9 2007 patch, but require different methods. I do not claim to have found these glitches. Also this is my first video so sorry if the quality isnt great. ---HOST SLIDE--- As the name implies, only the host can do this glitch. Cover on a wall near an edge, and press up to get the 'turn around corner' sign. Now, press and hold A, then also hold B a quarter of a second later while still pressing up. After a few seconds let go; if done correctly you should be sliding around, but only others can see you do it. You can roadie run for faster sliding. Note: start holding B after you see your guy ALMOST about to turn the corner. The chainsaw should start revving. Now ask a friend if you are doing it since you can't see yourself do it. Variation: Cover behind a low object so you have to bend down. Now when you do it, you are sliding closer to the floor with your legs spread wider apart. Getting headshots on you is a lot harder since other people see your model differently then it actually is. ---WEAPON SLIDE--- Stand over a weapon or some ammo, and press X and release, followed up pressing LB and releasing it, then a direction. If done correctly you should see a gray screen briefly, then start sliding in the direction you chose. I noticed that pressing LB just a fraction of a second after pressing X yields better results. ---INSTANT EXPLOSIVE CHAINSAW--- Same method as the host slide, but only non-host users can do it. Make sure you press and hold B a quarter of second after holding A for best results. You will start running if you did it right, while still holding the B button. You can now let go of A, but you MUST hold B the whole time to keep the explosive chainsaw 'juiced' You should never glitch in a real game, only with friends in a private match so you dont sour other peoples experiences.
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