Final Fantasy VIII matando o Diablos

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The first really challenging fight. He can kill a character in 2 turns and he often takes 2 turns in a row. This is really dangerous since there is no way to ressurect my characters. On top of that he has a really high HP count, so the only reasonable method is casting Demi until his HP is low enough to finish him off with other magic. It is possible to inflict Blind on him, but it has a low succes rate so I don't bother. ---- MDONMJNENEHNNCMNSB stands for: MDO: Magic/Draw Only. No other action is allowed during battle. This includes Odin/Gilgamesh, Angelo's abilities, Counter Return Damage, etc. Only possible exception is Angelo Rush, since there is no way to control it other than not using Rinoa. Inflicting Berzerk on your characters is not allowed, and when an enemy casts it on you, you have to get rid of it as soon as possible. NMJ: No Magic Junction. It's not allowed to junction any magic to any stat. NE: No Escape. Only exception is the forced escape against X-ATM092. NEHN: No Enc-Half/None. NCM: No Card Mod. NSB: No Stat Bonus. It's not allowed to use stat-ups (Mag-Up, etc) or Bonus abilities (Mag Bonus, etc).