Assassin's Creed versão para PC na Radeon HD 3850

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yeah at last :P :D assassins creed on my rig :D hehe has been waiting 4 this game long time.. So here is fast gameplay video how it runs on my rig. Song : All that remains - This calling My rig: Athlon x2 6000+ @ 3.01 Ghz Sapphire radeon hd 3850 512 MB vers. 2GB 6400 OCZ dual channel Reaper ram 800mhz M2N SLI-DELUXE mobo WinXP SP2 Game Settings: 1024x768 85hz everything on high 3/3 max AA , i guess its 4 or 8x :) Runs great : fps = 38-70+ Recording less.. 25-35 Running on DX9 And still looks awsum :D:D:D real performance is way too better than this video , because i forgot to clock UP [ sounds silly ] my video card but game is great and runs rly smooth.. AND YES READ THIS :D if someone have question can i run this dude [sysspec] Just click on this link and see 4 ur self :) http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/bonus/t/sysinfo_intro.tmpl?registration_option_id=6046&submit2.x=53&submit2.y=30&submit2=Go see my other vids.. -Sandman
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