Resistance 2

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This is a fan teaser/trailer of the sequel to the PS3-game 'Resistance: Fall of Man'. It was recently announced that there are two new 'Resistance'-games in the making. Most clips are from the trailers and cut-scenes of 'Fall of Man'. There is also a shot of 'Halo 3' in it, and "Who are You?" in the beginning is said by Harold Perrineau (Michael) from 'Lost'. The music is 'Your Destiny is Coming' by Epic Score. The release date is probably inaccurate. Right now, the game is set for a release in Fall 2008, but it's too early to take that date official. So I made it Spring 2009. Anything could happen to that date: I could be right, but I could be wrong too. I deliberately named it just 'Resistance 2', since the guess of the fans was that the second one would be named 'Rise of Man', but which was officially denied by the creators of the game. (18/01/'08) I know it's already been officially announced a couple of months ago, but I'll add it now: it seems that the Fall 2008 release (which was expected) is real, so my "Spring 2009" may be considered incorrect. It was just a guess, since there are normally many release date changes in the game-industry. Let's hope they can keep their word, so we can already enjoy 'Resistance 2' this year as they promise. (23/01/'08) There's a high quality version of this trailer uploaded on GameTrailers.com now, by the user ACE0FSP4D3S. For this GameTrailers exclusive, I specially changed the shown release date to Fall 2008, as it should be. Enjoy: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermovies/166599.html
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