We Three Kings - Guitar Hero 3 expert 5 stars

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Check out my friends awesome video! Seriously it will blow your mind away! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Q99HB9F2m4 For gods sake! Play the chart on hard, make a video of it, and if its the same chart as this video, you get a prize consisting of a bag of shit. This is on expert god damnit I dont know why this shitty video got so many views. Its one of my worst vids, but still I have +3 mil. views. Thanks for it, but I would appreciate views on my other videos instead :P Im not strumming every note. The camera picks up the buttons clicking and not the strum bar. Yes I strum a lot on the really fast and hard passages because if you miss a hammer on in a passage you must strum a note to get to hammer on another note. Also I dont know when DLC comes out for Wii. The new holiday free DLC. We Three Kings by Steve Ouimette getting 5 stars!
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