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STOP ASKING WHERE YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE SONG, JUST CLICK 'more info' AND CLICK THE LINK! I'm so fucking sick of all these shameless people who keep spamming the comments with the same damn question; 'what's the name of this song', and 'where canz Iz downlooood this zong?' I DON'T KNOW THE NAME OF THIS SONG!!! and there are 3 mirrors to download the song from. IF a mirror is broken, please send me a message or comment, so I can fix/delete that mirror :) Please, don't stop commenting, just think before you do. I'm a HUGE fan of Boiling Point, Deep Shadow's RPG/Shooter/free roaming game. So I decided to make this music video, with the awesome installation/credits music. If you want this music, go to the installation folder, find the audio folder and you'll eventually find it. hey, something went wrong with the beginning, no sound :( Well, It's made in Windows Movie maker... SONG DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.megaupload.com/nl/?d=M603NXSW OR http://www.2shared.com/uploadComplete.jsp?sId=toRWvYaUk0hWusYW and another mirror: http://www.turboupload.com/download/Jx3NzKkkGvEJ/credits_music.mp3
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