Half-life 2 ( Comedia )

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YEAAHHHH robot chicken in half life AGAIN! sound list: 0:13-back to the future theme 0:25-huey lewis - celine dion - power of love 0:31-cant touch me 1:27-evil nine - restless 1:55-the matrix soundtrack - clubbed to death 2:30-moon over the castle 2:46-black eyed peas-pump it 2:54-attack - system of a down 3:00-the matrix soundtrack - clubbed to death 3:21-take on me - Aha 3:40-attack - system of a down 3:51-attack - system of a down 4:25-Queen - We Are The Champions 5:03-boots randolph - yakety sax (benny hill theme) 5:22-fast food rap 5:36-expedientes x 5:53-the crystal method - weapons of mass distortion 6:40-the matrix soundtrack - clubbed to death 7:05-momo and christophe goze - sirocco 7:35-talk talk - its my life the last map is called "gm_tropicalwaters.bsp"