F.e.a.r Perseus Mandate Gameplay High Quality

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The demo of the newest expansion to the F.E.A.R series came out today. This expansion features new weapons such as the grenade launcher and the chain lighting assault rifle. Best of all, you do NOT need the original F.E.A.R game to enjoy the full version of the expansion. Settings 1440 x 900 Resolution All graphics on maximum settings All CPU/Physics on maximum settings 4x Anti-Aliasing 16x Anisotrophic Filtering Soft Shadows on System Specs: AMD Athlon 5600+ X2 Dual Core 2.8 GHz OC'ed to 3.1 GHz 3 GB DDR2 RAM NVidia GeForce 7900GT 256 MB Recorded using FRAPS 6680 build
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