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Those may know one of the gaming industrys pioneers, David Perry (known for such games as EarthWorm Jim, and Enter The Matrix)Who is currently working with Acclaim to release in early 2007 the totally FREE to play MMORPG entitled "2 Moons". Based off the Korean game "Dekaron" by GameHI, Perry will turn what is already a great MMO into a massive violent gorefest. Perry wants to give the adult gamers out there something special, with 2 moons it will be one of the most violent MMOs to date. The game will be rated "M" for mature, you must also be 18+ to play, or have consent form a guardian to play. 2 Moons will have Ultra Violence,Blood and gore,Adult Language, and possibly sexual innuendo. For more information about this hot new adult game, that will be in closed beta soon, check out www.2moonsgame.com and register for the forums to find out more. *registering for the forums will also register you for closed beta of 2Moons, beta players will be chosen by first come, first serve basis only.
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