Hellgate: London in-game video

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Video of Hellgate: London in-game video (June 2006), provided by regional distributor Infocomm Asia Holdings during its Singapore press conference. Hellgate: London is an upcoming massively multiplayer online game from Flagship Studios, a company founded by Bill Roper. Roper, former VP of Blizzard North and director of Blizzard Entertainment, played a key role in the success of such beloved PC franchises as Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo. Read "Hellgate hands-on and Bill Roper's 1st Singapore trip" at http://www.hackenslash.net/gamingscene/index.php?story_id=80064 For more gaming stories, visit http://www.hackenslash.net, the gaming site of INQUIRER.net For the best Philippine news coverage, visit http://www.INQUIRER.net
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