Rome: Total War v1.5 Patch

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Para instalar este patch, tem que ter a versão 1.3 instalada antes( Ele faz várias mudanças nas unidades, mapa de batalha e campanha.


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You need to upgrade your version of RTW to version 1.3 before you install the

1.5 patch. If you do not, the patching process will not work and your game is

unlikely to function.

This read-me details the main fixes made to the game. Other minor fixes and

balances have been carried out.

Campaign Map

* We have fixed the "memory leak" slowdown issue that was seen when playing

the campaign map for prolonged periods.

· We have fixed the Naval battles that were not working correctly in

version 1.3. AI-controlled factions will now make proper use of ships.

· Saved games from version 1.2 will work in version 1.5. A couple of

other problems with saved games have also been fixed to prevent crashes.

* The Gauls can no longer recruit Naked Fanatics as they no longer have

farming-related shrines and temples.

* Academy-class buildings now give a law bonus, as they do in the BI

expansion pack. These buildings now have uses in cities without governors or

generals in residence.

* Only Roman factions can hold Games at an Arena-class building.

* Diplomacy has been "tweaked" so that Roman diplomatic activity is more


* Fleeing armies can now only flee once after a large battle defeat.


* We have added secondary low-quality sword to the phalanx-capable German

Spearman Warband.

* Removed inappropriate officer from Rebel Archer Warband units.

* Reduced hit points for German Berserkers from 3 to 2 (matching those in


Battle Map

* Improvements have been made to prevent men spilling around the base of

siege towers.

* There was a pathfinding issue that made river battles very slow. This has

been fixed.

* Improvements have been made to the AI when orchestrating Skirmish


* The AI will now use 'fire at will' with idle units so that they throw

pila at nearby enemies.

* The AI will now make a decision about throwing pila before charging into

combat based on the location of enemy units.

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