Lançado Pach v1.02 para Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood

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Foi lançado um pach que corrige alguns problemas no multiplayer, controles áudio e mais uns erros.


Changes in v1.02:

- Enabled Time Remaining in Skirmish Timed Assault matches to be visible to spectators.

- Fixed a problem preventing the proper number of decals from appearing.

- Fixed an issue where ambient sounds would stop playing prematurely.

- Fixed an issue in MP with rain sounds interfering with other client sounds.

- Fixed an issue with mouse control after a crash in full screen mode.

- Fixed issues with movement physics in deeper water.

- Fixed MP clients properly seeing the weapon name pickup messages.

- Fixed a MP issue with field promotion and switching weapons.

- Fixed a crash that occurred while saving scores after Skirmish matches.


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