APB Reloaded

Lançado em 29 de Junho de 2010
Reloaded Productions
APB Reloaded
Título: APB Reloaded
Sinônimos: APB , All Points Bulletin (Former title), A.P.B. , APB: Reloaded (Ortografia alternativa)
Lançado em 29 de Junho de 2010 (Todas Datas)
Gêneros: Aventura, Tiro
Temas: Ação
Perspectiva: Terceira Pessoa
Classificação Indicativa: PEGI 18, Adulto (M)
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APB: All Points Bulletin is a multiplayer online video game for Microsoft Windows developed by Realtime Worlds and was acquired by Reloaded Productions, which is part of the GamersFirst company. Based in urban sprawls and featuring two factions, Enforcers and the Criminals, players can form sub-groups in either faction and carry out missions. The game design was led by David Jones, who created the original Grand Theft Auto and Crackdown, and was developed by Realtime Worlds. It was released...

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Requisitos necessários

OS:Windows XP
Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 (2.13GHz) or AMD Athlon x2 5800+ (3.0GHz)
Memory:3 GB RAM
Graphics:GeForce 7800 with 256MB and support for Pixel Shader 3.0, or AMD equivalent
Hard Drive:7 GB HD space
Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
OS:Windows Vista 64-Bit / Windows 7 64-Bit
Processor:2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Quad or equivalent AMD x4
Memory:4 GB RAM
Graphics:GeForce 8800GT 512MB or AMD equivalent
Hard Drive:7 GB HD space
Sound:Dedicated sound card with hardware acceleration.
Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection