Lançado em 30 de Janeiro de 2015
Other Ocean Interactive
Título: #IDARB
Sinônimos: IDARB , It Draws A Red Box , I Drew A Red Box
Lançado em 30 de Janeiro de 2015 (Todas Datas)
Perspectiva: Vista lateral
Classificação Indicativa: Todos (E)
Plataformas: Xbox One
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Prepare to battle everything from Moustache Cops to Breakfast, in this game inspired by fast action, 8-bit sports and arcade classics! Built with the input of thousands of crazed internet gamers, #IDARB is a chaotic 8-player eSport jumping future arena ball game. Create characters, teams, team logos, tournaments, even your theme music, in this highly customizable experience complete with disruptive “hashbombs” which dynamically change the game itself via Twitch and Twitter! IDARB supports up...

Infelizmente ainda não possuímos uma sinopse em português para #IDARB




Slide https://i.imgur.com/nasHfol.jpg;;;https://i.imgur.com/mNfpggh.jpg;;;https://i.imgur.com/QmniU5j.jpg;;;https://i.imgur.com/ZmpE591.jpg;;;https://i.imgur.com/vrqJbmc.jpg;;;https://i.imgur.com/1rJ2NHe.jpg;;;https://i.imgur.com/GO0gR0O.jpg;;;https://i.imgur.com/ZcjstfA.jpg;;;https://i.imgur.com/6WAyVoB.jpg