Neverwinter Nights

Lançado em 18 de Junho de 2002
Neverwinter Nights
Sinônimos: NWN (Outra Forma), 네버윈터 나이츠 (Korean title), NWN , ليالي بدون شتاء (Arabic title), 无冬之夜 (Chinese Simplified title), 絕冬城之夜 (Chinese Traditional title), ネヴァーウィンター・ナイツ (Japanese title), נ
Lançado em 18 de Junho de 2002 (Todas Datas)
Temas: Fantasia
Classificação Indicativa: PEGI 12, Jovens (T)
Estúdios: ,
Plataformas: Computador, Linux, Macintosh
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Neverwinter Nights (NWN) is a third-person role-playing video game and is set in the fantasy world of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, with the game mechanics based on the Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition rules. The game engine was designed around an internet-based model for running a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG), which would allow end users to host game servers. The intent was to create a potentially infinite massively multiplayer game framework. This game was named after the...

Infelizmente ainda não possuímos uma sinopse em português para Neverwinter Nights