Heroes of Might and Magic V

Lançado em 16 de Maio de 2006
Nival Interactive
Heroes of Might and Magic V
Sinônimos: HoMM5 , 魔法门之英雄无敌5 (Chinese title), Герои Меча и Магии V (Russian title), Heroes of Might and Magic 5, Heroes of Might and Magic 5: Tribes of the East , HoMMHeroes of Might and Magic 5
Lançado em 16 de Maio de 2006 (Todas Datas)
Temas: Fantasia
Perspectiva: Isometrico
Classificação Indicativa: PEGI 12, Jovens (T)
Tempo médio: 48h 0min (Normal)
Plataformas: Computador, Macintosh
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Witness the amazing evolution of the genre-defining strategy game as it becomes a next-generation phenomenon, melding classic deep fantasy with next-generation visuals and gameplay.
In the renowned Might & Magic universe, demon swarms spread chaos over the land in a relentless assault. The fate of the world is at stake and Heroes from a variety of legendary factions must stand up to defend their causes. Live their fate, lead their forces to victory, and unveil the secret goal of the Demon...

Infelizmente ainda não possuímos uma sinopse em português para Heroes of Might and Magic V


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