V1.03 +11 Trainer - Dx9 & Dx11 - Steam Version

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TRAINER OPTIONS AND HOTKEYS ========================================================================= HOME KEY - Trainer Activation - F1 ~ Super Health ~ This keeps you alive and well. F2 ~ Infinite Money ~ Gives you a massive amount of money to use. Enable and enter the game menu where money is disaplayed. F3 ~ Infinite Ammo ~ This will grant you an infinite amount of ammo to use. F4 ~ No Reload ~ This will remove the need for having to reload your weapons. F5 ~ Super Accuracy ~ Increases your weapon's accuracy. F6 ~ No Recoil ~ Removes you weapon's recoil effect. F7 ~ Super Stealth ~ This Will make you completely invisible for the enemies. The instant you enable it, enemies will instantly lose sight of you. F8 ~ Infinite Execute ~ Your execute ability will be maxed out at all times. F9 ~ One Hit Kill ~ Let's you take out the enemies in a single hit. Teleporter: Number 8 ~ Store Location Number 9 ~ Teleport Number 0 ~ Undo Teleportation
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