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HOME KEY - Trainer Activation - F7 ~ Super Health ~ This will keep you alive and well. F8 ~ Remove Fall Impact/Damage ~ Some likes to land in style ;) so if you always want to be on you feet one's you land, then make sure to use this. Removes the damage on impact aswell. F9 ~ Infinite Ammo ~ Grants you an infinite amount of ammo. F10 ~ Infinite Contra Bands ~ Grants you an infinite amount of contrabands. F11 ~ Super Disguise ~ Makes you almost invisible to the enemies. do almost what you like to do, those enemies wont will ignore most, also reverses the alarm effect so it wont actualy be triggered even thought it might look like it is. Number 5 ~ Super Speed ~ Increases your speed and let's you run/Sprint much faster than normally possible. Number 6 ~ Super Jump ~ This increase your jump ability- Lite Effect Number 7 ~ Super Jump ~ This increase your jump ability- Boosted Effect Number 8 ~ Super Jump ~ This increase your jump ability- Insane Effect Number 9 ~ Super Strenght ~ This will Boost your strenght by about 100 times. ~ you can now punsh or kick wehicles ect... far away or around like crazy. Number 0 ~ One Hit Kill ~ This let's you take out the bad guys very quickly. Insert Key ~ Rappid Fire ~ Increases the bullet rate, fire your guns much faster than normally possible. Page Up ~ Mini Enemies ~ Turns all those bad guys and buddies into. something smaller ;) Page Down ~ Disarm Enemies ~ Enemies cant fire their guns anymore. End Key ~ Increased Accuracy ~ Increases your weapon accuracy abit more. Teleporter: ~~~~~~~~ Numpad 0 ~ Store Location Numpad 2 ~ Teleport Numpad 3 ~ Undo Teleportation
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