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[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/v/t3xKBxpC_2s?version=3[/youtube] Hybrid gameplay real soccer simulation series + hybrid evolution fifa 11 hybrid gameplay 5.0 - new advanced general collision system - new advanced cpu/ai - attack/defence - new individual player movements/skills - new real players/goalkeeper attributes - new special gameplay effects enabled - new controller/gamepad system values - increased cpu/ai skillmoves/freestyle - new hg installer/update system + other stuff you discover when play! hybrid gameplay 5 series transform fifa 11 in a new game!! + all previous feature: - fifa 11 hybrid gameplay 4.9.x - new advanced cpu/ai mentality-tactics-reactions - new advanced ball physics-touch-contact-back spin - new individual player movements - new players ball stop-pace-stop and touch - new gameplay animations - new kick error system - crowd sounds tune enhancing - new crowd sound reactions - cpuai skillmoves/freestyle - cpuai traits activated - new cinematics reactions/fouls/corner/gk/free kick - new celebrations - difficulty tweaker - new icecameras - performance optimizer - hybrid gameplay press start screen full auto install version standalone. also compatible with hybrid gameplay tool and fifamania superpatch 11 + fix 1(recommended), cep11,..and all quality/best fifa 11 patches. nb: with properly installation, hg work perfectly without any crash! check hg info document/tips here: [url]https://docs.google.com/document/d/1...qbq/edit?hl=it[/url] hg new installer with: fifa 11 hybrid gameplay 5.0 - default configuration - standalone fifa 11 hybrid gameplay 5.0 - multicelebrations enabled - standalone fifa 11 hybrid gameplay 5.0 - only gameplay update version 4.9.x to 5.0 (only gameplay update and others fix, not overwrite your configuration like settings.lua, icecameras - no multiceleb) after hg installation remember to regenerate fifa 11 game files with i68 regenerator!!!
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