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Û± activate trainer: you need to activate this in order to ±û û± enjoy majority of the options in this ±û û± trainer. ±û û± ±û û± 1) unlimited health: this will give you 100% kissing bonus ±û û± and make you invulnerable! refrain ±û û± from using this option during boxing ±û û± matches. ±û û± ±û û± 2) unlimited partner's health: this will make your partner ±û û± (whom you need to protect/ ±û û± is your backup) invulnerable. ±û û± ±û û± 3) one hit kill: with this you will be able to kill ±û û± anyone with just one hit! even sprinting ±û û± towards them works. ±û û± ±û û± 4) no wanted level: this will protect you from getting ±û û± busted by prefects/cops when you commit ±û û± any kind of felony. you can still get ±û û± busted by adults though! ±û û± ±û û± 5) unlimited ammo: this will reduce you ammo count to 1, but ±û û± it will never let it run out. ±û û± ±û û± 6) unlimited money: you'll always have $999999. ±û û± ±û û± 7) unlimited gifts: you'll never run out of roses and ±û û± chocolates. ±û û± ±û û± 8) unlimited prize tickets: you'll always have 9999 prize ±û û± tickets for use at the carnival. ±û û± ±û û± 9) freeze clock: this will freeze your clock at its current ±û û± time. useful for not missing classes. ±û û± ±û û± 10) unlimited class time: you'll always have 99 minutes ±û û± left in your english, biology ±û û± maths and geography classes. ±û û± ±û û± 11) save position: this will save your position in the ±û û± current area. ±û û± ±û û± load position: this will load your previously saved ±û û± position in the current area. do not ±û û± use it if you enter rooms and have ±û û± previously saved your position when ±û û± outside. ±û û± ±û û± 12) super jump: this will immediately propel you 20 feet ±û û± high in the air. i have made sure that you ±û û± combine this with unlimited health as ±û û± without it you'll die when you hit the ±û û± ground. so if you have that option ±û û± deactivated, this option will not function. ±û
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