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This is OverlaysChanger by GlauberBatista alias 2208binho! You must extract the files on FIFA 11 folder like: "C:\Program Files(x86)\EA Sports\FIFA 11". if you don't extract there, the tool will copy files to another folder so, pay attention! This tool DON'T regenerate BH files(this function will be added on next version). If you don't have the files of overlays extracted from data1.big, after you use this tool you must run regenerator! The general credits go to: CJD17, RegularCat and ANBSeth by template and help to scoreboard makers. The Credits of scoreboards: DaniloPinheiro and ANBSeth. The Credits of Popup: Fejsbrucks The credits of this tool: GlauberBatista (alias 2208binho) There no warranty to this tool.
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