Aliens Vs Predator Update 4 to 6

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Aliens Vs Predator Update 4 to 6 ================================ Update 6 ======== New Features: - Predator Focus Attack now knocks you down between 9-12m - Alien Focus Attack damage has been returned to it's correct values - The chance to spawn on occupied/blocked friendly spawn points and consequentially knock players out of world is reduced - Joining a Dedicated server which is running on non-standard ports, leaving and then hosting a player match, will now no longer cause any clients who join the hosted match to lose connection upon starting the game Update 5 ======== New Features: - Enabled XP gain, leaderboard updates and associated achievements and skin unlocks for non-ranked games as well as Ranked Matches. Now the differences between ranked and unranked games is that in Ranked Matches, skill-based matchmaking, team balancing and other Ranked Match associated rules are enforced and in Player matches they are not. You are now unable to have a game that does not update the leaderboards, or award XP. - Major overhaul of low-level networking code for player-hosted (i.e. not Dedicated Server) games in order to improve connection stability and pings. Bug Fixes: - Prevented runaway memory consumption under D3D11 if an FMV is playing when you lock (ctrl-alt-del - "lock computer") your machine with an NVIDIA card. - Several "groups" issues have been fixed, including a reported issue with Group leaders causing group members to disconnect from Games if they leave and then join another Server. - The spawning system has been tweaked, so that players will have a reduced chance of spawning very close to other (enemy) players. - Server start up crash which occurred on Win 7 32bit Home Premium has been fixed. - Several Server stability (crash) issues have been fixed Balance Changes: - Flamethrower primary fire now ignites target if 25% of health has been depleted. Flames will now continue to burn until target is dead, or target extinguishes flames. Base damage is unchanged. - Alien leap attack now causes the knockdown flinch on all targets from the "long distance" range. Damage is unchanged. - Alien tail attack now causes the light attack flinch, which does not "root" the target. Damage is unchanged. - You are now not able to jump and start a melee move in the air/until the jump has completed, or initiate a melee move and then jump until the melee animation has finished. Affects all species. - Stealth attack has had some tweaks to reduce the potential for an initiation to occur from outside the allowed "angle" and range has been reduced from 8m to 6m - The Predator flinch ranges have been equalised with the Aliens, and as a result can now be knocked down by a counter (from any species), or an Alien leap attack that successfully lands. - Knockdown leap distance is now between 9-12m instead of 6-12m. Affects Aliens and Predators. - Predator maximum leap distance is now capped at 12m (in line with Alien) and is not modified by vision mode. - The Marine block will now only block 50% of an incoming light attack damage value instead of 100%. Update 4 ======== Client: - Fix for a Skybox rendering problem in D3D11 build on Nvidia Fermi cards - Various small D3D11 optimisations - Fixed rare bug where clients would get stuck on the loading screen. - Fix clients not seeing the 'custom match' flag updating in the 'Browse' screen when the dedicated server was changing settings after initially hosting a match without changing any variables - Use an [R] prefix for rcon command output text upon successful receipt of a rcon command - Prevent windows cursor being stolen when starting in windowed mode but then doing ALT-TAB immediately. - Show (and sort) dedicated server search results as they come in instead of waiting for search to complete before displaying anything. - Fix extraneous [Team] appended to MOTD text when joining game in progress - Invitations to dedicated server games now work. - Fixed all dedicated server games showing as "at lobby" in the server browser, regardless of being at lobby or in progress. Dedicated server: - Fixed "Ghost players" being created on a server if the Steam backend could not be reached for authentication when someone connected. These appeared in the player counts when browsing servers, and in the server details player list when viewing servers in the Steam client server list. - Added more info to server console when players connect/disconnect, and print out the player list in the command window (including scoreboard) at the end of each game. - Use an [R] prefix for rcon commands and echo command output to server console as well as sending it to rcon client. - Enabled logfiles (writes out console output and some command line errors only to files in logfiles_dedicatedserver). You can still override the logfile directory by specifying -logdir on the command line and if you do so any logfiles from a previous session will be archived in a directory called logfile_backups. - Small performance optimisations - Dedicated server species ratios' commands check for unset values and report the default values instead of the invalid value (-1). The dedicated server was correctly setup in this case, but the command feedback text was inaccurate
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