Save Manager version 1.0.0

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[img]http://hostapic.net/show.php/5136_save-menager-1.jpg.html[/img] [img]http://hostapic.net/show.php/5137_save-menager-2.jpg.html[/img] [img]http://hostapic.net/show.php/5138_save-menager-3.jpg.html[/img] At first starting we are clicking in Menu>>>Browse Folder we are choosing our folder with save of the game Example: C:\Documents and Settings\xxx\Moje dokumenty\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\save Next we are choosing in the bookmark Master League save from own masterleague we are dealing by analogy with the mode become and of legends Edit bin will embark automatically after demonstrating the correct folder The program is giving to the possibility : - Option.bin - Unclock Extra-Content - General Setting Game(Match Level,Match Time) + Speed Game Level Master League: General Setting (Match Level, Match time) Money Master League Setting - Negotiation - Classic Players - Player Development - Currency Unit - Reset Prevention - Transfer Fraquency Become a Legend: - Relink Face and Hair (behind the help import face to Edit.bin) - Edit Abilities Player
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