V1.1.10 Patch (Digital Download/Retail)

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1° link: v1.1.10 Patch (Digital Download) 2° link: v1.1.10 Patch (Retail) Description: * New Quest! Contents: Genie ??? A magical genie in a bottle has been found! Your Heroes could use its power to fulfill their wildest wishes or they could take it upon themselves to free the genie from its abnormally small living quarters. It???s up to you to decide! * New Quest! Crab Bandit ??? A mysterious crab monster lives under the town! How will you deal with the beast? The Monarch could coerce it into becoming a powerful new ally or your Blacksmith may have some other, more creative, ideas for it. * New Quest! Book Burning ??? Peasants are burning books and you need to stop them! Will you utilize your Bard or Monarch and teach the peasants to read or will your Wizard and Bard scare the peasants into thinking the books are alive through magic? * Gameplay: Golem no longer becomes invisible in certain situations. * The Spy will now earn XP for pick pocketing.
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