V1.01 Patch

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* Added better support for multi-monitors view mode. * Added a Force Widescreen FOV option in Display Options menu. * Fixed various shaders flickering issues. * Fixed vegetation issues with DirectX 10 in low/medium quality. * Fixed an issue when the player is killed by an explosion after the revive timer. * Fixed water refraction when no bloom on DirectX 10. * Fixed black squares flickering when antialiasing 4xAA or more with HDR is enabled. * Fixed a bug with the Login window when the player enters a wrong password followed by a successful authentication. * Fixed the flickering on soft bodies (eg. vegetation) on some video cards. * Fixed 'War Room' mini-game controls not being updated all the time. * Fixed some random crashes. * Improved shaders preloading on some configurations. * Improved task switching support.
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