V1.0.2 Patch (en/fr/it/sp)

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DirectX 9 or 10 selection will now be available using the "-nod3d10" launcher parameter. Fine Aim can now be toggled at any time except for sprinting. An option for "V-Sync" will be added to the "Options" menu. Fixed an issue with weapon selection sticking. Fixed Siege and Damage Control target indicators so they will now stay in their proper positions within 16:10 resolutions. Fixed an error in the resolution list where previously only 16 resolutions could be shown at once. Fixed an error where an "Enter" hint was being displayed during auto-saving. Windows 7 / Vista speed-up issue has been corrected. Launcher will now default to "Normal" priority instead of "Above Normal". Turret sensitivity has been tweaked to feel more natural. To install run rfg_updater.exe from within content directory of this patch.
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