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OPTION USAGE AND NOTES ********************** F1:Player Health This option enables infinite health to your main character Toggle the key to turn off/on F2:Team Health Once you have activated this option your Team Mates have unlimited health Toggle the key to turn off/on F3 Unlimited Bullets Unlimited ammo for your Side arm/machine guns etc etc F4 Enemy Weapons Jam Now this is a very handy option, When enable your foes will be unable to return fire , So you can pick them off at will F5 Unlimited grenades/smoke bombs Gives you Unlimited grenades/smoke bombs/whatever else is in that slot J Jump This option when turned on will introduce a new option to the game 'Jump' Gain a better firing position on top of a Vehicle/wall etc Just hold your forward key and hit the jump button and u will jump on top of most vehicles/walls/bookshelves etc
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