Fifa Manager 11 - Update 2

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This patch will update FIFA Manager 11 with bug fixes, improvements, new player pictures, and an extensive database update. Bug fixing and improvements: Altogether, almost 300 improvements are part of Update 2, ranging from the finance area to the 3D mode. We re-implemented the auto-update feature; the league prediction table can now be sorted by team strength and not by random; "The Big Spenders" also contains transfers from clubs that are not being simulated; the option to lend players if you are playing with a smaller club was improved; the text-mode problem with the manager being banned was fixed; in 3D mode the AI now reacts better to tactical changes of the opponent; the effect of freshness are now clearly visible in 3D mode; Live Season was optimized; problems during the stadium extension were solved; players won't end their careers too early and if their contract are still running; The league composition and structure in the Netherlands was adapted and so on. A special focus was set on the enhancement of the transfer market. We also made changes in the Online Mode, especially in the "trophies" section. Player pictures: Overall, 2,095 new player pictures will be added as a part of Update 2. Focal points thereby are Italy, Greece and Turkey, in addition missing pictures for Germany and France were included as well. Database update: The Database has been extensively updated and is included (as of 11/29/2010).
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