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How to use: * open option file [ EDIT.bin ] from DocumentsKONAMIPro Evolution Soccer 2011save * do the chages * save features: * edit player's o name o abilities o positions o motions o cards o face & hair relink o boots relink o (un)tucked shirt etc. * edit team o names (16 languages supported - Turkish and Brazil Portuguese later) o team squads (transfers via drag&drop) o formations o team style o supporter, kit and radar colours o home stadium relink (ingame created stadiums supported too) o chants relink o logo/emblems relink * import/export o players [ CSV, XML, OF2, .Player files ] o teams [ OF2, .Team files ] o formations [ OF2, CSV ] o kits settings [ .Kit files ] o emblems [ most of graphic files ] * global adjustment of o abilities o boots o injuries o motions o cards o macro reader (to generate XML with global changes) o all with variable options ... * stadium & league o names editing (real or default names by one click) o leagues structure * other o footbal manager [FM] stats conversion o adding of players o global renaming and adjusting names o and much more ...
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