V1.1 Pc-dvd Patch

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??? Added support for Xinput wheel and Logitech Rumblepad 2, including default action map configurations. ??? Adding ability to use H-pattern shifter in custom configuration by allowing configuration of gears 1 to 6 and reverse. Same for boost. ??? Fix for missing Force feedback on Vista. ??? Added the ability to override the controller type, so that if the game fails to auto-detect it, users can specify it themselves. o Symptoms of the game failing to detect the appropriate controller type are: ? On a pad, handling is too twitchy, appears to steer ???lock-to-lock???. ? On a wheel, the input lags and the linearity slider doesn???t appear to have an effect. This patch is only for the PC-DVD version of the game and is not compatible with versions bought through Direct2Drive, Metaboli & Steam. Patches for the downloaded versions should be available ???within days???.
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