Gears of War Patch #2

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The following issues are fixed with this title update. 1. When starting the game using Autorun, a player can lose preferences and custom map data. With the shipped game, when a player starts Gears of War for Windows(r) with Windows Vista(r) using the shortcut from the Games Explorer, the player's account can lose changes made to preferences and any added custom content after a game session. This problem occurs because Autorun does not deelevate the user from Administrator to the logged-on user account after startup. Therefore, all changes made to preferences and any added custom content belong to the Administrator account rather than the player's user account. With this title update, the problem has been corrected. Autorun now properly deelevates to the logged-on player so that content and preference settings are saved to the player's profile rather than to the Administrator's account. 2. After game shutdown, sometimes a player's profile data is erased, including progress, COG tags, and preferences. With the shipping version of Gears of War for Windows, a few players have reported that in some cases after a very quick game shutdown their profile information (specifically the campaign progress, COG tags, and personal settings) was reset to the shipped defaults. This problem occurs because at shutdown, the game program did not wait to receive confirmation that all data had been written to the profile before shutdown ended. With this update, the problem has been corrected. All data should be retained after shutdown in all cases.
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