Patch 1.0.1

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IMPORTANT: This update should work with all Amnesia releases that uses our serial system. If you have bought the game on for example Steam, use Steam to update the game. --Change log-- 1.0.1 level00 -Going into cave and into the void. -In the passage with stabs, possible to look under floor. level01 -Torch goes through wall. level02 -The web reappears if leaving the level and entering a gain after using acid. -Texture fixes. level03 -Falling out of level in corner. -Carpet with dirt on it. level07 -Water thing might be less prone to attack on boxes. Might. -Texture fixes. level09 -Texture fixes. -No colliders on bottom of stairs in main room level12 -Fixed door in wall. -Fire gives damage. level13 -Getting stuck behind machine. level15 N/S -Can jump through the gap in the floor without widening it. -Falling out of map by cavein and in a crypt wall. -Pushed out of level by grunt. -Magnetic boxes. level 18 -Saved the valve that was forgotten. -Texture fixes. level 22/27 -Texture fixes. -Capture improvements. -Going through railing. -Less chance of circle running. level 24 -Texture fixes. -Found some "on the moon" objects. level25 -Repositioned some red slime web. Menu -Pressing ESC while binding a new key ends up in quite the predicament. -Improved binding to mouse buttons beyond the first 3 Extra -Herbery diary part 3 distorts. Language -New page tag in italian translation. -Misc english translation fixes. -English manual minor fixes. -Minor german translation fix. Technical - Fix for ATI X 1000-series - Forced cache loading (increases load speed) - Draw buffers enabled in gbuffer shaders (fixes issues on some cards) - Fixed ladder climbing crash bug - Fixed item combine crash bug - The crash flag check is removed. - Rotation interaction now works better with mouse smoothing off. - Fixed wheel-rope connection save bug - Lean does not interfere with scripting - Lancher saves log file to proper folder - Some settings are now properly saved to cfg files.
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