Penumbra Overture Patch 1.1

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Outro patch lançado pela Frictional Games For ATI users: Even with this upate applied you might experience some graphical problems, please make sure that you have done the following. General: - Uninstall _all_ display drivers and then download and install the latest. ATI control panel: - Disable Catalyst AI (meaning the box shall be checked). - Disable Triple buffer (box is unchecked). - Wait for vertical refresh: "Off, unless applications specifies". - Adaptive AA off (box is unchecked). - Smooth vision HD (both). Box "Use application settings" is checked. Windows: - Disable Aero or any other composite/extra graphical touches technology that might be active. Log de patchs anteriores 1.0.3 - Fixed graphics glitches on new ATI cards(HD/X1000 series) and new ATI drivers - Various optimisations - Various fixes 1.0.2 - BumpSpec* changed to saturate w coord of BumpVec. Fixes strangeness on ATI with specular. - Diffuse_Color_vp.cg was given 4d Color. Fixes disappering alpha geometry. - Fixed strangness on ATI in shader quality Medium - Fixed strangness on ATI in shader quality Low - Attenuation bug for Low and Medium shader fixed. - Minor misc other changes 1.0.1 - Keypad works after switching interact / examine buttons in settings. - Shortcut key can be used to look at blank note. - Jump + Tab does not increase jump height. - Entering a map where a worm has appeared no longer result in crash. - Cannot exit chemical storage after worm enters any longer. - Updated BlackBox to give better information on crashes. - Update StickAreas, hopefully solving cable bug. - Updated MotionBlur. - Added crosshair as an option. - Fixed personal task not removed properly. - Fixed lag issue with boulder in water cave. - OpenAL fixes, SoundBlaster X-Fi/Audigy should be more compatible now. - Ladders less prone to let the player fall of when exiting. - Minor level and event fixes.
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