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Este pacote contém 20 mods para Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Tutorial de instalação incluso nos mods. Included Mods: PeZBOT (7.0 ProMod) A mod for offline players who can train with bots on promod. Combat Assault 1.2 Fixed infinite loop bug reported by some. Combat Assault Mod By Spectre. All weapons including perks and attachments unlocked. Overhaul A weapon stats mod for Call of Duty 4. eXtreme sniper (1.0) Sniper zoom mod that works with eXtreme+. Damn-EU v0.59 Call Of Duty Mod (damn) for eu users. Another Gametypes Experience (1.1) Feel like modifying your gameplay experience by changing the spawn points and objectives Well now you can with this new mod from CK_Lion. MP44 Z Mod v1.3 This is an extreme MP44 mod that changes the menu music and look gives the mp44 a new skin and a totally new feel... Ion Cannon Mod Well I know a lot of you dont like the air strikes and helicopters and I like big explosions so I made this mod where it replaces the air strike with an ion cannon style laser beam like the ones from the Command Conquer game series. KnifeInFace's US ARMY ACUPAT This mod converts the original Marine MARPAT camo to the US Army's ACUPAT. Menu Zombies (1.0) Change your menu to one with zombies. Frontlines 3.1 Frontlines 3.1 Released With a brand new realistic gametype and few more features Update your servergame right now Have fun. KILLSIGN REMOVAL IN SABOTAGE (1) It removes the Kill sign above a players head so it make the Sabotage game type more Tactical. It is a free to use mod. Many realism clans will like this mod probably. CoD4 Gun Shots Market Main Menu Another main menu for cod4! New Grenade Icon (1.0) Feel like changing the appearance of your grenade icon? Now you can with this new red themed hint of impending doom! Spetznas Main Menu Here is a main menu mod which replaces the main menu backgrounds picture and music. Koene007's Camo Pack (1.0) Another skin pack from Koene007. This time with some abstract skin themes such as a zebra camo a green and black camo a pink camo and more. ckmenu (1.0) Here is a main menu mod which replaces the main menu backgrounds picture and music. Change Objectives Position (1.0) This is a system (mainly a script) to add to a map which provide the ability to server admins to move objectives position on a map (which include the script) by using some simple dvars in the config file of the server. DAMN Modified (v0.3) Here's a modified version of the DAMN (v0.3) mod.
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