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Este pacote comtém uma coleção de 20 mapas para StarCraft: Wings of Liberty . Included Maps: Zerg Survival 1.10 Control a variety of units to fight the endless was of the Zerg Swarm. Use Teamwork and skill to survive. A Top down arcade survival map. Chicken Farm Map is designed for Free for all micro fights. Every round players have some time to buy units. Each round you get more minerals and gas, so the army you can buy is bigger. After given time, arena is reveal and menu where you bought your units is disabled. Everyone have the same amount of resources so only your skill and micro can give you victory. Marauders! Take command of a marauder of your choosing and prepare to GET HEAVY. Seven Player co-op or single player There are 7 Marauder types for the player to choose from, Heavy, Laser, Chemical, Beam, Flame, Psionic, and Rocket. Heavy: Slow but strong weapon. High HP. Hardened Shields. Guardian shield. Plasma Blast (large targeted aoe) Laser: Extremely fast firing weapon. Auto-firing attack drones and auto turrets, along with the PDD. Chemical: Average weapon. Supports allies with fungal growth and... Urban Special Forces No timed enemy upgrades, much more upgrades, new Urban map. Armor/Weapon/Health upgrades can go up to level 100 and cost 500 minerals each. Special upgrades typically also cost 1 vespene gas, gotten by conquering areas of the map. A lot of people had various problems with the direction my last Special Forces map went, so I'm hoping this one will fix some of their problems with it. It's not meant to be exactly like the other version, as not everyone likes the same thing from a map. Eye of the Storm Eye of the Storm, a thrice-improved remake of the last Protoss mission, the final fight against the Overmind starring... THE OVERMIND! Yep, that's right folks! No more smacked-up hives inflated to four times their normal size, no overgrown nydus worms, this is the REAL OVERMIND available only in the full game editor! OOHRAH!!!... Blood Bath A remake of original Blood Bath. Insectipede Invasion TD 2.6 Insectipede Invasion TD is a full-fledged tower defense game with many new innovations and twists. Insectipede Invasion TD includes: -4 unique and individual tower builders (Ice Specialist, Flame Specialist, Decay Specialist, and Siege Specialist) -Each Specialist constructs 4 separate and unique towers which deal with the Insectipedes in various ways. -Creative wave composition and structure supporting multiple enemies per wave. -Unique Insectipede units, such as: the Queen Insectipede which... -4 player online coop SCV Football Tournament 8 player SCV Football tournament with options for single or double elimination. Evolves -flow v1.0.1 A 4 player map that mimics the old original Evolves map (Vomits) from starcraft 1. You first receive 4 bunker units of your choice, you then spawn units from 2 ravens, then you use your mass amounts of units to attack the enemy forces and try to destroy their bunker , you then evolve to better units with the more kills you get. Metallic Nightmare A 1v1 map. This Fortress of metal was abandoned 5 years ago after an attack from UED forces, but in their hurry to follow Mengisk's forces they left behind a large abundance of resources. Bunker command 2.9 Every player starts out with 2 bunkers and a number of marines, the goal is to quickly upgrade them and attack other bunkers to increase your spawn and minerals(for further upgrades). There are a number of different objective's that can be achieved aswell to gain extra minerals. Thors can be researched to spawn these new units, these units are stronger than the normal marines, however they are much more limited in number and give more minerals per kill. Units and bunkers also gain experience in order to level up. The max amount of levels is 10, where marines gain 1 damage, 5 hp and movement speed, thors gain attack and movement speed and bunkers gain attack speed. This is intended to be a short and fun game that could take a few time's to master for new players! The Phantom Modified This is modified version of "The Phantom" by depthsofchaos. The map has been authorized to be modified and published. This modified version fixes a few bugs and introduces many campaign units to the game. Zown Control Ultra This is a Zone Control Map. -Zone Control Ultra- Spawns Main Fast Speed Marine, Zergling, Zealot Level 1 Ground Medium Speed Marine, Zergling, Zealot Level 2 Ground Medium Speed Stalker, Immortal, Hydralisk, Roach, Tank, Hellion Level 3 Ground Slow Speed Thor, Colossus, Ultralisk Mercs Medium Speed Merc Marine, Merc Fire Bat Level 1 Air Medium Void Ray, Mutalisk, Viking Level 2 Air Slow Speed Battlecruiser, Carrier, Broodlord, Corrupter Hybrids Medium Speed Hybrid Destroyer, Hydrid Reaver Healing Medium Speed Medic,... Planetary Boss Minis - Valdar the Vindicator (3 Player Online) Welcome to Planetary Boss Minis! You know the drill, fight against highly powerful and epic bosses. This time around though each boss will have his own map so i can publish these on b.net, You can download all of these maps from mapster or contacting me via bnet, my friend add info is chr name = Bounty, and chr number = 820 Planetary Boss Minis - Xelaza (3 Player Online) Welcome to Planetary Boss Minis! You know the drill, fight against highly powerful and epic bosses. This time around though each boss will have his own map so i can publish these on b.net. You can download all of these maps from mapster or contacting me via bnet, my friend add info is chr name = Bounty, and chr number = 820 Xelaza the Protecter - Stay on your toes and be cautious of anything this highly powerful boss does. Cube Defense v1.2 Remake of the old classic, Cube TD for WC3, by CordialSpam. Up to 8 players try to keep 30 waves of mobs away from the center, using 5 kinds of towers, 3 of which are upgradeable. What sets this TD apart, is the fact that mazing is not only possible, it is required in order to complete the game at all. And if you want to stand a chance on the higher difficulty settings, you'd better be ready to understand and abuse the pathing, block the mobs from doing what they want and force them to do your bidding and take the long way around your maze - and preferably run through it two or three times before they get out on the other side. Defend the Cube either alone, or with an Ally, using the in-game dialog to choose which you prefer. Dynamic team placement allows for any combination of teams of two and solo players in any one single game, meaning you don't have to look for a game with your preferred game mode. Just join up and start defending! HydraZone This is the remake of a very populer map from SC:BW for SC2: The main principle: The map is devided into 21 Zones which player can capture with Spinecrawlers Destroy all Spinecrawler of your opponents to win Each players starts with 1 Spinecrawler Hydralisks spawn every 4s at each Spinecrawler You gain 5 minerals for each kill You can upgrade your Hydralisks in your buildings and with chat-commands If you collect 250 minerals an Overlord will spawn at your Hive. Move it into an empty Zone to... Overlord Defense v1.01 There are two Overlords and each Overlord has two allies. Allies must build a base and create units to send to their Overlords. The Overlords uses these units to wipe each other out! Hardcounter v3.5 Find the perfect counter for any opponent unit mix! Build two armys (manual or random) and let them fight. Watch cost efficiency. This is both a SC2 sandbox and a single player training game. You can get all units and upgrades instantly in the main buildings. You can build all structures instantly with workers. You can use different terrain for fighting positions. Just play and feel your skill and knowledge boost. Jungle-Myst Jungle-Myst 2vs2 Multiplayermap.
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