Mafia Ii V1.0 Devconsole V0.6 (+30 Features)

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Mafia 2 DevConsole (M2Dev) for FULL INSTALLATION: Extract in the same folder as where Mafia2.exe is located. After extraction run m2dev.exe and you should be ingame! HOTKEYS: Press F12 to show the ingame console. SETTINGS: You can tweak the console key by editing m2dev.ini. All keys must be enter in DEC value, HEX will not work! FEATURES: cg_ammoinclip cg_ammo cg_waterhover cg_police cg_showhud cg_health cg_drawfps cg_fightmode cg_pedsfightback cg_carhorns cg_missionstatus cg_time cg_weather crash quit lua execlua You can request aditional information about a CMD by using help .
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