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Dragon Age: Origins 1.04 Note on Installing Awakening to a version of DA:O already patched to 1.04 [PC only] If you install the 1.04 patch prior to installing Awakening, you must run the 1.04 patch installer again after the Awakening install is complete. There are Awakening specific resources and other assets that will not be patched in properly unless the 1.04 installer detects that Awakening is present and as such will not install those additional resources. In addition, the pre-1.04 installer that comes with Awakening may revert some 1.04 files back - this would result in a game that is apparently missing many of the fixes included with 1.04, while the game config tool still reports it as the 1.04 version. In short, if you plan to re-install DAO and Awakening at some point in the future, we recommend installing DAO, then Awakening, then latest patch. If you plan to add Awakening to your DAO install, we recommend installing Awakening, then always re-apply the latest patch.
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