Splinter Cell Conviction Path 1.02

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Path para o Splinter Cell Conviction 1.02 This patch will address the following issues: - Added DLC support - Fixed many disconnection and divergences issues in coop modes. - Added Multi-GPU support for SLI/Crossfire (remaining issues on ATI side) - Added ATI Eyefinity support (we are waiting on a validation by AMD for theEyefinity Ready official stamp) - Some configuration specific divergences fixes, crashs et minor bugs - Graphic glitches when running in low visual quality: - Improve performances and some flickering issues. - Low-end video card optimizations. - Fixed Microsoft Wireless X360 controller not being detected properly with some drivers. - Fixed interaction buttons overlapping in certain resolutions/aspect ratios. - GTX400 Nvidia video card support (removed the error message) - Various minor fixes.
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