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Nome do arquivo: World of Warcraft v3.3.3a Patch
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Size: 4.88MB Downloads: 161 Hosted since: March 27, 2010, 9:11 pm Filename: WoW- Description: * General o Corrected an issue where players could disconnect upon leveling. o Fixed an issue in which players could get stuck at the loading screen when utilizing a portal to Dalaran. o Shoulder armor will now attach correctly to Blood Elf Male characters. * Priest o Fixed an issue in which Spirit of Redemption was being prematurely canceled upon use of other abilities. * Mac specific o Corrected disconnection errors upon login for Power PCs and Mac users running 10.4.11 with GeForce 8600s. * User Interface o Enabling the command 'fixedfunction 1' will no longer cause graphical issues. Related Resources: News: World of Warcraft v3.3.3a Patch
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