Red Faction: Guerrilla V1.0.1.0 Patch (en/it/at/fr/sp)

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* 5.1 Surround Sound was not working properly for some users. * Several crashes for users running ATI cards have been fixed (most often when accessing Display Options in game) * Performance improved on ATI cards * Cursor Sensitivity for 360 controller has been tweaked. Before, moving diagonal and vertical adjustments moved at different speeds. They now move at equal speeds. * Turret Sensitivity has been adjusted to work without having to drop the base value. * MP Playlists will be updated to include all maps and modify certain options. Currently, a few maps are only available through Custom Matches. * Some overlapping text and icons have been fixed. * (9/30) Modding will be disabled in online matchmaking games with this patch. It will still be available in LAN games, though no XP will be awarded there.
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