Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield V1.00 To V1.60 Patch 12.03.04

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Release Notes - Raven Shield Patch 1.60 * Enhanced support for Iron Wrath and future mission packs. * Vote Next Map It is now possible for a player to propose a change of map by using the new command line VoteNextMap command. Players vote using F3. If more than half of the players vote YES, the servers will automatically change map. * New Reticules Reticules without a First person weapon are similar to those used in Rogue Spear. Reason is that it should've been always like this. * Improvements to the Automated Patching System New skin makes it easier to locate information. Better routing and selection of download server. * ESRB Notice New notice added before connecting to a multiplayer game. This was done to conform to the ESRB rules. The message is only displayed in North America. * Restriction Kit Fixed a problem preventing individual selection of restriction kits in some circumstances. * Fixed Crash Fixed a crash that occured occasionally at the end of a coop multiplayer game, after a mission was completed.
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