Max Payne Chronicles

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Max Payne left the DEA and joined the NYPD. On his first day, Bravura gives him a case to solve. A woman has been kidnapped. He needs to find her and to rescue her before it's too late. Content : 3 New storylined levels, a case to solve. (+ one credits level) 13 Bonus levels, including new gameplay concepts, not only DMW. Many other tweaks such as new weapons, sounds, voices, musics, skins... A few more things you'd like to know before either downloading it or playing it : - It is unachieved. It doesn't contain the story I had primarily planned to tell. Only one of the 4 chapters will ever be released. Why ? Because I don't have the time/will to spend a few more months on this project. My best choise would be to focus on the other more awaited TCs I work on, and then to move to another engine. So I stop here for MPC. I am really sorry to come back on what I announced, but this is the best thing to do, I am sure about that. - It is far from being perfect. Some levels needed more work, but I think they are enough playable as they already are, so I'd rather not waste my time on tweaking them. - It is not my last contribution to MP2 modding scene, I have a other stuffs to do, on Hall Of Mirrors and Rogue-Ops for instance. [IMG]http://i264.photobucket.com/albums/ii194/ismaellpotter/Games/MPChronicles.jpg[/IMG]
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