Elements Of Style

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[IMG]http://i264.photobucket.com/albums/ii194/ismaellpotter/Games/eoscover.jpg[/IMG] Much More Satisfying GunPlay -Bullets make glowing streaks through the air -Bullets leave smoke trails ripping through the air -Bullets can be heard as they travel with new Whizz sounds -The screen shakes as enemy bullets come close to the player -The screen flashes after each shot fired from the player -The screen vibrates for every shot fired off from the player -Bullets penetrate many objects -Bullet impacts now squirt blood from enemies -The Blood actually splashes onto the ground with effects and sounds -Bullet impacts now eject thick smoke and debris -Bullet impacts burst out glowing sparks from metal -Bullet impacts tear through paper throwing floating pieces into the air -Sniper bullet cam will also follow through with the penetration -New grenade effects throw flaming particles into the air -Player grenades now detonate quicker to catch enemies -Grenade blasts throw enemies across the room to illustrate power -Molotov Cocktail changed to throwing knives -When tossed, they will get stuck the the enemies head as they crouch in pain and later collapse -Can be repicked up if it does not hit enemy -Weapon melee much more powerful -Screen shake on impact -Berettas changed to Colt 1911s -New Firing animation for single Colt 1911 -While standing Max will shoot with 2 hands -While crouching or running Max will shoot with 1 hand -Single Colt 1911 firing rates increased -Dual Colt 1911s firing rates more equal. -Desert Eagle firing rates increased -Dual Desert Eagle firing rates more equal. -Pump Shotgun has new reload animation that is more movie-like -Shotgun spread values lessened to enhance power feeling -Uzi firing rates increased -Uzi spread values slightly increased to enhance its ability to rip up a room -Mp5 changed to a UMP-45 -Iron Sight now featured -Ak47 firing rate and power now close to real life counterpart -M4a1 firing rate and power now close to real life counterpart -Sniper Rifle power increased -Will kill 95% of enemies in 1 shot -Dragonuv power increased -Will kill 92% of enemies in 1 shot -New sounds for every weapon in the game -New life-like ragdolls complete with life-like ragdoll collision sounds -Modified Player camera -Decal limit dramatically increased for movie-like aftermaths -Grenade explosion effects changed -Grenade explosions also "bend" the screen for about .5 seconds -F.E.A.R. bullet ricochet sounds -Enemy weapons sound different to give movie like quality -Many weapon sounds changed for the better -Player talking removed because to slight annoyance, also because 3dRealms wanted them out -Explosion death animations changed to look less weird -Tweaked Ragdolls for slightly improved deaths -Blood decals more varied and different -Blood effects now more violent -New and Improved Bullet Impact effects -Colt 1911 model changed -Ingram model changed -Bullet Impact Fog majorly tweaked to make big performance improvements -Weapon Muzzle effects heavily modified for better lighting flashes -AI turning speeds increased to allow them to follow player movements correctly -AI aiming accuracies decreased for more chaotic and movie like shooting sequences New Super KungFu -Two "Launch" moves added to knock an enemy into the air to setup a finisher -Sweep kicks trip the enemy into a prone position -New KungFu kill cameras that only show up in bullet-time to prevent major annoyance -"Super Move" "bends" screen -KungFu death animations changed to look more cool -Full moveset of KungFu kicks and punches -KungFu 3.0 style standing and running KungFu moves -Cameras added for every successfully landed power hit -Power Hits send enemies flying away at high speeds -You will be able to easily take out a entire room without getting hit -Max has 2 hidden "Special Moves" -Animations: Credits To "Close To Truth" for few animations New Look -Strongly modified Max Payne model -Modified Mona model -New Shaders applied to 95% of character models in the game -Shaders allow the models to look more shiny and shaded -New high-poly weapon models -New player death camera [IMG]http://i264.photobucket.com/albums/ii194/ismaellpotter/Games/eos.jpg[/IMG]
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