Battle Tactics 2

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[IMG]http://i264.photobucket.com/albums/ii194/ismaellpotter/Games/bt2cover.jpg[/IMG] Battle Tactics 2 is a turn-based modification which means that you take turn with the AI. Each turns lasts about 10 seconds and after that is next one's turn. The loop continues as long as you're alive or all the enemies are dead, or you have escorted the hostage in hostage rescue gamemode. In some maps, once in a while, after one whole game turn has passed, there will be crate drops, that contain ammo, health or a shield. In addition to MP2 weapons there are two new weapons, the M249 Available modes are: 1) Hostage Rescue; 2) Elimination; 3) Bonus DMW LEVELS - Apartments; - Downtown; - Harbor; - Train Depot; - Suburbs; - Warehouse; - VR [IMG]http://i264.photobucket.com/albums/ii194/ismaellpotter/Games/bt2.jpg[/IMG]
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