007 - The Gun Never Dies

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Current Changes from Max Payne 2 are as follows: - Bond Tux Model - Shootdodge amplified - New Designed Hud - Bullettime Increased and slowed down much more - New weapon sounds - New Menus and Loading Screens - New Loading Bar - New Bullettime Music (Techno Beat of Bond Theme) - New Theme Music (1967 original Bond Theme) Weapon Changes - PPK put ingame,modeled from EnigmaZ - PPK texture edited by ADoomedMarine - Martini replaces painkillers (Enigmaz idea and creation) - increased ROF on kalishnakov and Ingram, also lowered damage - minor changes to most weapons in shooting.h - P90 added from the "P90 mod" - Glock 18's from the "handguns mod" - Colt Anaconda (Delta .357 cannon) from the "handguns mod" - Qbomb (still a WIP, obviously) [IMG]http://i264.photobucket.com/albums/ii194/ismaellpotter/Games/007.jpg[/IMG]
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