Rune: Halls of Valhalla v1.08 Patch

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Main changes: - Redirected downloads Download redirection for Windows clients. When the client doesn't have all the packages that the server has defined, it needs to download them. Normally this is done by downloading from the gameserver, at a theorethical maximum rate of 20kB/s. This can dry out the servers upload band causing lag for the players. Download redirection makes clients download packages from the webserver. The packages are packed to zip format, thus effectively reducing the download size to apr. 1/3 of the original. Dowload speed is limited only by the connection between the client and the webserver. If the packages are in a good webserver and the client has a 1Mbps broadband connection, a 9MB map will probably be downloaded and installed in much less than a minute's time as opposed to the normal time of apr. 8 minutes. - Compatibility Patch is 1.07 (HoV) backwards compatible, 1.06/7 clients can join 1.08 servers and vice versa. - Providing news In-game "News" tab is redirected to runehordes.info where active admins (US and EU) frequently update the page. This page has good potential of becoming the main distribution channel for all Rune-related information. - Server crash fixes Fixes to prevent crashe(r)s, in-game and through UDP queries. - Bug abuse fixes Serverside engine fixes to prevent bug abuse like jump pickup - Game crash fixes Alt+TAB no longer results in a crashed Rune on most common videocards in both Direct3D and OpenGL Mode. - Hack fixes Serverside engine fixes to prevent glow hacks, uninterrupted anim hacks, taunt attack etc. - Extended mutator Extended Mutator class is implemented to Engine.u to give mutator makers more possibilities. - ServerOptions ServerOptions class to Engine.u to act as a storage class for static variables - Retro Serverside ini-definable movement/behaviour, can be made fully 1.07 (default), fully 1.00 or something in between Movement fixes Leg movement now works as intended on multiplayer servers. When a player used to join multiplayer servers as a client, some leg animations were not visible to him even though others saw his 'Player' moving correctly. The difference between the fixed and non-fixed leg movement is best seen when comparing spinattack between an own non-dedicated server and playing as a client in a multiplayer server. - Interface changes Updates and fixes on windowed console classes: UWindow UBrowser, RBrowser and RMenu. Most noticeable changes are "Always use this mutator configuration", which is now working and password protected servers that now pop up a window to enter password when joining (and passwords are remembered so that next time you join the same server, you don't have to type the password at all). - Performance improvements Using 100% mesh complexity should no longer make performance issues occur on modern videocards (DX8 and higher generation). - Arena gametype fixes were added. - ServerAdmin New RuneServerAdmin looks and functionality, lighter and much prettier than the original as well as much more extensive. Game Additions: - Capture The Torch The fantastic game mode by Lar, it would be a shame if we didn't add it. - Download ('waiting') map New Download ('waiting') map added, now you're having fun while waiting instead of seeing a purple sky. - Added new Rune intro; let the rocks come down! - Launcher You're launching Rune in a new taste; added new splash screen. Maps: AR-[EbonySonne] Author: Hicks AR-[ExtosMortis] Author: Hicks AR-[PegasusLegacy] Author: Hicks AR-[PegasusLegacy]-NS Author: Hicks AR-[Requiem] Author: Hicks AR-[VoltenKelpf] Author: Hicks AR-Telnian Author: Icey AR-Smiley Author: Icey AR-Natilus Author: Icey AR-Telith Author: Icey DM-TwistedDream Author: Punk (1st prize in Rune Mapping Contest) DM-Fury Author: Hrothgar (2nd prize in Rune Mapping Contest) DM-Damnation Author: Vanitas (3rd prize in Rune Mapping Contest) DM-Efeetic Author: Icey DM-Alcohol Author: Haltyr DM-NorthernLights Author: Haltyr CTT-[TinEclipse] Author: Hicks CTT-[TinEclipse]-[AfterWar] Author: Hicks CTT-Carix Author: Icey CTT-Shadic Author: Icey
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