Halls of Valhalla Patch v1.08a Windows Client

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ReadMe for patch 108a Unzip the included files to your Rune HoV System folder, overwriting the old ones. This small patch should correct some problems noted with the original 1.08 patch released in September 2005. The issues are listed below, along with the offending filename(s) * Custom scoreboards not displaying (SATools2, BMScoreboard, etc.) (RuneServerAdmin.u) * Hang at "Connecting" when trying to join a 1.08 server (RuneServerAdmin.u) * Other players using HOV and non-default skins are invisible in 1.08 servers (RuneServerAdmin.u) * When trying to join another 1.08 server, you loopback to the server you were previously on (UWindow.u & UBrowser.u) * Game crashes if testing maps in non-dedicated mode on your machine, then you decide to join another 1.08 server (UWindow.u & UBrowser.u) Some of you may be asking "why did RuneServerAdmin cause the first three problems, isn't it used by servers only?" To be honest, I don't know. I'm guessing it was just a bad compile. The problems mentioned only manifest themselves if the client has installed RuneServerAdmin .5a, so the problem was actually with that file, and not RuneServerAdmin.u included in the original 1.08 package. If you still get "invisible" players after installing this patch, then it is most likely a German version problem.
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